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Hello and welcome to the Friends of Vallajeelt School

The Friends of Vallajeelt School is an Isle of Man registered charity (No. 586) with the objective to advance the education of the pupils of Scoill Vallajeelt, provide and assist in the provision of the facilities for education at the school (not normally provided for by the Department of Education, Sport and Culture), and to engender links between the school and the local community.

Key Committee Members

Who are the "Friends"

The Friends of Vallajeelt School Committee is made up of 4 key members, the 3 current serving Trustees and the Headteacher. These committee members help ensure the "Friends" smooth running year round. Meetings are open to all members and we always welcome old and new faces.

We also welcome, and are very grateful, for our reliable band of volunteers who help at our events. As each school year concludes, we say goodbye to dedicated volunteers whose children are transitioning to high school. If you're curious and eager to offer your skills and services, please don't hesitate to reach out. Your enthusiasm to contribute is invaluable and warmly welcomed!

We appreciate it can be difficult to attend meetings in the evenings but we don't want that to put members off proposing new ideas to the committee.

Email us, find us on Facebook, chat to committee members & your class ambassador.


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Summer Holdays 20th July - 3rd September
KS1 Games Night
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